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Company History

On July 23 1981, a range of indigenous African hair care products which had never been seen before in Zimbabwe & Africa began to be sold under the name “Vaida’s Hair Care Products”.

This was a new revolution in hair care which completely changed how indigenous Africans, especially women’s hair was to look for generations to come. We established a hair care centre at OK Bazaars first street branch in order to persuade and educate indeginous Africans on how to beautify their hair and what products to use. Our product not only centred on how to beautify but also on the problems of hair care.

Therefore the company’s range of products included:
• oil sheen to make hair easy to comb,
• a permanent hair cream to change the structure of your hair so it has a new attractive configuration,
• curl activator to moisturise and maintain your new curls,
• hair medicine to treat dandruff, itchy scalp and ringworms,
• hair food to stop hair breakage and give sheen to dull lifeless hair
• and coconut oil hair conditioner to stop split ends and allow your hair to grow long and luxurious

Since then we have introduced numerous other products by pursuing its ‘philosophy’ of solving indigenous African hair and skin care products that work for you.

The company has survived the turbulent economic conditions in Zimbabwe due to the quality of its products & the benefits gained by customers who use our products. The comapny’s core business is the manufacturing and distribution of hair and skincare products in Zimbabwe and in Africa. The company looks to expand its distribution coverage to go global in the coming years.



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