Strategy – About Us


Vision Statement

Become the largest manufacturer & distributor of unique & innovative hair & skincare products in Africa and globally.

Mission Statement

  • The company will continue to concentrate on the manufacture and distribution of cosmetic products specifically to address hair & skincare problems
  • Hair & skincare needs should be synonymous with Vaida so whenever anyone thinks of their beauty and cosmetic needs, they should think of Vaida products as the best to satisfy their unique needs.
  • Vaida will provide the best products whose quality, presentation and efficacy will enhance all hair & skincare needs.

Business concept

The company manufactures and distributes a range of hair foods, gels, lotions and shaving products.


  • Hair Care – Hair Food Formula 1, Hair Food Formula 2, Hair Medicine, Coconut Oil, Super Gro Hair Fertiliser, Slip & Sheen Hair Dye, Vaida’s BeesWax & Hair Gel (Styling & Freeze Gel)
  • Skin Care – Even-Glo Hand & Body Lotions
  • Shaving & Hair Removal – Sha-Sha Shaving Powder (Regular & Perfurmed)


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